Auto Repair Scheduling Software

Always Know What’s Next

Stay on top of your game – AutoLeap’s repair shop management software helps streamline your calendar for the coming days, weeks and months

Smart Scheduling

  • Schedule customer appointments and assign tasks to technicians with our powerful calendar feature. Have the right manpower available for the most important repair jobs.
  • Categorize auto repair jobs with tags and add notes with additional information and instructions for your technicians.

Reduce Customer No-Shows

  • Send customized and automated appointment reminders via text and email to customers – reduce no-shows and increase revenue. Drag and drop to instantly reschedule customer appointments when needed.
  • Plan your auto repair shop calendar with smart scheduling – create more availability for walk-in customers.

Interested in Automotive Repair Scheduling Software?

Manage Your Technicians

  • Job Assignment

    Assign repair jobs to technicians with a few clicks, with the flexibility to change things around and increase the pace of work when needed.
  • Certainty in Profit Calculation

    Stay updated in real-time on the status of each job and the workload of every technician. Pull up their schedules with a single click to avoid double booking.
  • Plan & Prepare For Complex Jobs

    Prepare for complex repair jobs and plan your schedule weeks or even months in advance. No more surprises – order parts ahead of time, align your technicians, and a whole lot more.

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    The Best Auto Repair Shops Choose AutoLeap


    After the first 10 months of using AutoLeap, we doubled our shop’s revenue. AutoLeap is a game-changing auto repair software for us.

    Francisco (Apex Autos, ON)


    I now have greater visibility into my shop. I'm able to know my exact sales and technician profitability at any given time.

    Syed Kazmi (CarTronics Auto Repair, IL)


    AutoLeap's powerful auto repair shop management software takes a ton of stress off my shoulders. The tools it adds to my repair business are priceless.

    Kevin (A to Z Auto Repair, UT)


    Simple, intuitive, and easy to use. The customer service is the best I've ever had, ever! I went from spending 30 mins down to 5 mins building a complex estimate.

    Jason (Apex Auto, ON)


    I can now keep a track of every penny and every hour worked. AutoLeap was able to get me up and running in a week.

    Anthony (Atlanta Auto, GA)


    How your online relevance affects your shop's revenue

    Thursday, January 13th @ 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern

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    Todd Richardson

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    In Motion Brands



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    Attend A Demo & Sign Up By Dec 31 to get a free TV!


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    Thursday, December 9th
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